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I installed a skylight in my apartment.... The people who live above me are furious!
-- Steve Wright

The Frightening

It's Corey Peterson's first day at Hallows End High and the body count is just beginning. This is no ordinary high school, Hallows End holds a secret that can be hellish to the student body, regardless of whose body it is!

Curse of the Mummy

Young Zach and Josh are investigating a science project for school when they stumble upon the 2000 year-old curse stalking the museum's dark and dusty halls. The ancient pharaoh rises from the dead to seek his horrifying revenge on anyone who steals his secret to everlasting life!

Monster from a Prehistoric Planet

An earthquake opens an underground cavern on a tropical island, and a baby reptile is discovered inside. Against the protests of the natives, researchers take the baby back to Japan, not realizing the path of destruction that soon awaits them!

Night Hunter

Vampire Hunter Jack Cutter (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) is a man of peace who wished to lead a quiet life of serenity and meditation. But he can't do so until he fulfills his blood destiny and kills the last vampires on Earth.

Cold Hearts

A quiet town in New Jersey possesses a dark secret. Viktoria has given her life and soul to the ways of the vampire. When a new guy, Seth, falls for her, he finds himself caught in a power struggle between Viktoria and her ex-boyfriend's gang of vampires.Best Feature Film: 1999 Atlantic City Film Festival.