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I installed a skylight in my apartment.... The people who live above me are furious!
-- Steve Wright

Ace Ventura Pet Detective: The Case of the Serial Shaver

"The Case of the Serial Shaver" - All the zoo is abuzz with the latest shocking crime of the serial shaver. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, needs your help to save the animals in the furious "hair-raising" tale. The psycho shaver must be stopped before every animal in the zoo is cropped.

The Tavern

Walter Foote's debut film is a witty, charming, and very frightening look at the trials and tribulations two would-be entrepreneurs must endure as they try to turn their recently purchased bar into a success...


Young Sean McNutt (Will Keenan) is a love-lorn waiter whose life is spinning out of control. He's being driven insane by his beautiful ex-girlfriend who's ditched him for the greasy charms of a smug yuppie; by his parents who want him out of their house; by a limited acting career that has him playing a less-than-superhero at kids parties; and his job waiting tables.

Wedding Bell Blues

Three thirty-something Angelenas strike out for the Vegas strip in search of disposable husbands, acting under the spurious premise that aging, wisened divorcees are somehow sexier than aging never-marrieds...


Opposite ends of employment tenure create the tension in this wild prison comedy. When a new guard allows two bank robbers to escape from a maximum security prison, a retiring warden is kept in the dark, for no one wants to ruin this warden's illustrious record...

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