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The internet is a great way to exchange movies. These internet movies have been around for a while now, but they are still quite funny.


Classic Television Commercials (Part II)
Collection of TV commercials significant to the history and development of TV as an advertising medium.
MPEG-1  124.50 MB  
MPEG-2  316.00 MB  
MPEG-4  35.10 MB

Destination Earth
In this corporate-sponsored cartoon, Martian dissidents learn that oil and competition are the two things that make America great. Download this free movie now.
MPEG-1  142.20 MB  
MPEG-2  360.00 MB  
MPEG-4  43.30 MB  


The Relaxed Wife
Remarkable, surreal industrial film promoting 'Atarax,' a tranquilizer, and asserting how 'ataraxic medicines' can help us all to achieve the relaxed state we long for. Created by Coni Johnston, Mel London, Joseph Cole, Bert Spielvogel, Tracy Ward (a pseudonym for Virginia Bell) and by Rune Hagman, Delores Phox, Jeanne Sharp, Dick Brophy, M. Opelle, Herb Hagens.
MPEG-2  355.00 MB  

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