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Are you tired of going from site to site looking for free movies, only to find a site full of annoying pop ups and few if any movies? The fact is that most sites that promise free movies just don't deliver. But not us. We at Free Movie Downloads deliver the movies. Now you can download free movies. Choose from the selection of free movie downloads below and click on the movie you want to watch.  


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free movie downloads
If you've clicked here you must be wondering - what is this free movie downloads site all about? Why are they offering free movies and what's the catch?

Well there is no catch -- really. We just like to show some free movies.

This site is a personal and growing collection of free movies that we came across while surfing the internet. The movies are all presented in popular movie formats such as .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv and others. And best of all they are all free movies!

How can this be you ask? It's true - the movies here are either in the public domain or they have been made available for free by various internet movie sources.

If it's free what do yo get out of it? Good question. Two Things: Firstly, this site is an exercise in web building and search engine optimization. We built this site partly to test what works best with the search engines. We know that the terms
free movies 
free movie downloads
are popular search phrases and we wanted to see how we would rank in and This site was just started and time will tell if it comes to dominate the search engines in its category.

The second thing we get out of it is advertising revenue. Notice the ads: when someone clicks on and of the advertisements we make a few cents and this helps to cover the costs of this site.



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